Latest release
Required Plugins
  • Elementor 3.0.9
  • Page Builder Widget Pack 1.5.13
  • Kirki 3.1.5
  • Simple Page Ordering 2.3.4
  • OptionTree 2.7.3
Optional Plugins
  • Hotel Booking 3.8.3
  • WoooCommerce Payments 1.0.4
  • Envato Market 2.0.5
  • Formidable Forms 4.07.01
  • Master Slider 3.4.2
  • Widget Logic 5.10.4
  • WooCommerce 4.5.2
  • Groovy Menu 2.3.0
  • Slider Revolution 6.2.23
Other Changelogs


FIXED Cleared JS caching preventing WP 5.5. fixes to propagate.


FIXED JS errors in WP 5.5 (Removal of jQuery Migrate 1.x). ENHANCED Added support for Elementor Header Footer Plugin. ENHANCED Added Theme Support for Site Logo. UPDATED minor styling updates. FIXED Installer ajax error. Caused by Groovy Menu activation redirect. UPDATED version number for release.


UPDATED - Plugin auto update and repo download links. Supporting SSL FIXED - Kirki Styling. FIXED - Colour checkout dates correctly on date picker and availability cal. FIXED - Issue where navigation hover effect appeared janky in Chrome browser. FIXED - Date Picker appears below transparent header menu. FIXED - Footer form placeholder text color.


FIXED - Enable Automatic Post Excerpts ENHANCED - Cleaned up some debug console logging ENHANCED - Update plugin repo links to use SSL UPDATED - Version Bump REMOVED - WPBS Styling / Scripts


FIXED Accommodation grid (style 2) image crop on mobile. IMPROVED Remove debug log from theme installer script. UPDATED Plugin update checker library. UPDATED Hotel Booking plugin (v3.7.4)


IMPROVED - Support for Elementor header / footer UPDATED - Added new demo import styling for Home - Calendar


IMPROVED - Allow support for JetMenu and others. Bypassing our roots bootstrap menu walker and filters. This allows for better 3rd party compatibility for menu tools like JetMenu and Groovy.

FIX - remove roots_clean_style_tag filter preventing Elementor from loading


FIXED - Styling for Date picker inside booking calendar (Prev / Next and Today text) FIXED - Collapsing grid widget on mobile FIXED - Various fixes from compare with Stratus and Uplands FIXED - 404 missing SVG file UPDATED - Plugin versions for Hotel Booking, Hotel Payments, Groovy menu, Master Slider Pro, and repo links.


Fixed - Custom Calendar colours now working with customizer update.


Enhanced - Added Post types to Accommodation Post Type.


IMPROVED - Added Search Attributes to Search Form Widget (Hotel Booking Plugin). IMPROVED - MPHB search and checkout form field styling. IMPROVED - Support for retina images and logo. Added ability to enable/disable. IMPROVED - Install Kirki and Option Tree directly from WP Repo. Remove Kirki nag notice. UPDATED - Isotope Library UPDATED - ImagesLoaded Library UPDATED - Retina.js Library FIXED - Minor styling bugs on WooCommerce Checkout screen


ADDED Groovy Menu Plugin (now bundled) ADDED Slider Revolution Plugin (now bundled) ADDED Option Tree as a plugin ADDED Support for Blog Single, Product and Archive (Elementor Pro) IMPROVED Import demo content. IMPROVED Flex slider prev/next button styling inside Search Results (Hotel Booking Plugin). FIXED Anchor link offset bug. FIXED Issue with extra margin below rooms grid images on single pages FIXED Issue that prevented WP admin bar dropdowns from working properly. FIXED Better support for Groovy Menu and Slider Rev Fix. FIXED Option Tree PHP 7.2 Warnings and Deprecated code. FIXED Failed message during Theme Setup Guide by removing Elementor redirect after install. FIXED Terms n Conditions formatting (Hotel Booking Plugin). REMOVED Unused language files. REMOVED Option Tree as part of the theme framework.


Fixed theme setup guide install error. Fixed issue with room grid bottom margin on room single pages. Added new form template for Accommodation single form sidebar page. Adding style support for the latest version of the Hotel Booking Plugin. Improved styling for flex slider prev/next booking search results. Improved styling for booking search results widget output Improved styling for inner Elementor section width. Improve import for home, chalet and apartment demos Improved styling to booking dateicker hover and booking checkout payments and rate table.


Support for the new Hotel Booking Plugin

Check out Bellevue and the live page builder.