Latest release
VERSION 3.2.8 – Jun 26, 2020
  • Fixed Kirki Styling.
  • Fixed Colour checkout dates correctly on date picker and availability cal.
  • Fixed Issue where navigation hover effect appeared janky in Chrome browser.
  • Fixed Date Picker appears below transparent header menu.
  • Fixed Footer form placeholder text color.
  • Updated Plugin auto update and repo download links. Supporting SSL
VERSION 3.2.7 – Mar 11, 2020
  • Fixed Enable Automatic Post Excerpts Theme Option.
  • Fixed Broken bundled plugin download link.
  • Improved Update plugin repo links to use SSL.
  • Improved Cleaned up some debug console logging
  • Removed WPBS Styling / Scripts
VERSION 3.2.6 – Feb 14, 2020
  • Fixed Accommodation grid (style 2) image crop on mobile.
  • Improved Remove debug log from theme installer script.
  • Updated Plugin update checker library.
  • Updated Hotel Booking plugin (v3.7.4).
VERSION 3.2.5 – Jan 28, 2020
  • Updated Added new demo import styling for Home – Calendar.
  • Updated Hotel Booking plugin (v3.7.2).
VERSION 3.2.4 – Nov 12, 2019
  • Fixed Elementor edit load issue in WP 5.3
  • Updated missing demo content files inside theme zip package.
VERSION 3.2.3 – Oct 30, 2019
  • Fixed Styling corrections to blog image, WooCommerce, Button widget, sidebar, Elementor icons, Rooms grid.
  • Fixed 404 missing SVG file
  • Fixed Styling for Date picker inside booking calendar (Prev / Next and Today text)
  • Updated Hotel Booking, WooCommerce Payments, Groovy menu, Master Slider Pro bundled plugins.
VERSION 3.2.2 – July 8, 2019
  • Fixed Custom Calendar colours. Now working within customizer update.
VERSION 3.2.1 – June 26, 2019
  • Improved Added Post Formats (Image and Link) to Accommodation Post Types.
VERSION 3.2 – June 1, 2019
  • Improved Added Search Attributes to Search Form Widget (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Hotel Booking Plugin search and checkout form field styling.
  • Improved Support for retina images and logo. Added ability to enable/disable.
  • Improved Install Kirki and Option Tree directly from WP Repo. Remove Kirki nag notice.
  • Updated Isotope Library
  • Updated ImagesLoaded Library
  • Updated Retina.js Library
  • Fixed Minor styling bugs on WooCommerce Checkout screen
VERSION 3.1 – May 10, 2019
  • Added Groovy Menu Plugin (now bundled)
  • Added Slider Revolution Plugin (now bundled)
  • Added Option Tree as a plugin
  • Added Support for Blog Single, Product and Archive (Elementor Pro)
  • Improved Import demo content.
  • Improved Flex slider prev/next button styling inside Search Results (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Fixed Anchor link offset bug.
  • Fixed Issue with extra margin below rooms grid images on single pages
  • Fixed Issue that prevented WP admin bar dropdowns from working properly.
  • Fixed Better support for Groovy Menu and Slider Rev Fix.
  • Fixed Option Tree PHP 7.2 Warnings and Deprecated code.
  • Fixed Failed message during Theme Setup Guide by removing Elementor redirect after install.
  • Fixed Terms n Conditions formatting (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Removed Unused language files.
  • Removed Option Tree as part of the theme framework.
VERSION 3.0.2 (hotfix) – Apr 18, 2019
  • AddedNew form template for Accommodation Single Form Sidebar page.
  • AddedStyle support for the latest version of the Hotel Booking Plugin.
  • ImprovedStyling for stacked form style (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • ImprovedStyling for Flex slider prev/next inside Search Results (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • ImprovedStyling for Search results widget output (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • ImprovedStyling for Inner Elementor Section width.
  • ImprovedImport for Chalet and Apartment demos.
  • ImprovedImport for Hotel Demo.
  • ImprovedStyling to date picker hover and checkout payments and rate table (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • FixedStyling for Search results (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • FixedIssue with room grid bottom margin on room single pages.
VERSION 3.0.1 (hotfix) – Mar 24, 2019
  • Added Admin js script file for better styling and feature set.
  • Improved Page title vs page path settings check (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Styling for WooCommerce label on checkout.
  • Improved Default settings (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Fixed Footer widget markup output created by caching settings.
  • Fixed Issue with video embeds appearing with black bars and wrong aspect ratio.
  • Fixed Mobile menu bug and one pager links.
  • Fixed Mobile menu bug when menu is open and sticky kicks in now it closes menu.
  • Fixed Sidebar widget bug when showing under main content vs floating right.
  • Fixed Issue with Firefox where 3 column Portfolio Grid collapses wrong.
  • Fixed Disappearing meta boxes bug.
  • Fixed Fix sidebar width issue with Elementor 2.5.9
  • Updated Demo imports and theme screenshot.
  • Updated Child theme version
  • Removed Flex slider styling in search results (Hotel Booking Plugin).
VERSION 3.0 – Mar 18, 2019
  • Added Hotel Booking Plugin.
  • Added Adding new supporting styling (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added New widget and styling for Search Availability (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added New accommodation grid widget (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Adding new templates for MPHB custom post types. (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Support Accommodation type single with Elementor (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Support transparent header for Accommodation single (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Theme option to Turn mphb styling on/off (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Styling and layout for MPHB Room Single (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Styling for checkout/confirmation page + Widget (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Adding form options: inline, stacked, theme options to enable / disable form styling (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Added Adding custom styling and customizer options for Avail cal and date picker (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Widget icons and names. (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved mphb_room_type CPT now included in the theme/demo installer (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Search Result widget and Booking Form widget. Move find/replace to widget (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Search Results Widget (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Admin notice for developer mode for MPHB. New header checks for default solid header (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Improved Preloader state on Elementor preview screen.
  • Improved Accommodation post type ID automatically (Hotel Booking Plugin).
  • Fixed Desktop menu bug, allow clickable dropdown menu links.
  • Fixed Styling with fixed selection (Elementor).
VERSION 2.3 – Dec 21, 2018
  • Added New demo import for Apartments.
  • Improved imagesLoaded() check for isotope, helps when image are delayed. Removed console log output.
  • Improved Update default blue link underline with charcoal.
  • Improved Increase gutter for room grid style 2.
  • Improved Default copyright footer background colour to better match default footer background colour.
VERSION 2.2 – Dec 1, 2018
  • Added Upper and lower footer options.
  • Added New customizer theme options.
  • Added Backwards compatibility and default theme options.
  • Added New style for testimonials, ratings, widgets and footer title.
  • Added New new dropdown style format.
  • Added Price list style 2.
  • Added Adding support for team style 2.
  • Added Add style 2 for packages.
  • Added Adding new room grid layout style.
  • Added Transparent Header Border and Border Color options.
  • Added New footer colour controls.
  • Improved Masonry blog styling for link and quote.
  • Improved Footer option and styles.
  • Improved Support for Elementor text widget typography.
  • Improved Footer font sizes.
  • Fixed Corrected overlapping payment methods in payment widget.
  • Fixed Remove console log output.
  • Fixed Correct video format and blockquote format.
  • Updated Isotope version.
VERSION 2.1 – Aug 24, 2018
  • Added Header and footer layout features.
  • Added do_shortcode on copyright theme options and footer font size options.
  • Improved Move wp_footer just above body close tag.
VERSION 2.0.9 – Jun 28, 2018
  • Fixed Exclude mobile menu (dropdown-toggle) from collapsing on click.
VERSION 2.0.8 – Jun 25, 2018
  • Improved Check if WPBS is installed before initiating functions for shortcode modifications.
  • Improved Update checker to use new json files and dropbox for updates. Also for initial install as well.
  • Improved Close mobile sticky header on item click.
VERSION 2.0.7 – JUNE 16, 2018
  • Added New version of WP Booking System
  • Improved Better support for Envato Market Update Plugin
  • Improved Better support for bundled plugin updates
  • Fixed Minor bug fixes
VERSION 2.0.5 – JAN 8, 2018
  • Updated plugins/envato_setup/envato_setup.php
  • Updated style.css
  • FixedSmall bug fix
VERSION 2.0.4 – JAN 6, 2018
  • Updated lib/config.php
  • Updated style.css
  • Fixed Small bug fix
VERSION 2.0.3 – DEC 20, 2017
  • Improved Better support for upgrading from V1
  • Improved Better support missing room images
  • Updated functions.php
  • Updated lib/config.php
  • Updated assets/css/app.css
  • Updated style.css
VERSION 2.0.2 – DEC 18, 2017
  • Improved Support for Envato Hosted
  • Updated lib/custom.php
  • Updated lib/customizer.php
VERSION 2.0.1 – DEC 17, 2017
  • Improved Better support for upgrading from previous versions
  • Updated functions.php
VERSION 2 – DEC 15, 2017
  • Added Initial Release
Version 1x

Please see How to Update Bellevue V1

Version 30.1.1 (Template) – Jan 1, 3030
  • Added New feature, something really cool
  • Improved Something that was great but now it’s amazing
    • Now you can do this
    • Now you can do that
  • Fixed Bug that was squashed
  • Updated Library or plugin that was updated/upgraded
  • Removed deprecated code, library or plugin that is no longer in use
  • Security Important vulnerability patch

git code to output just commit messages between two tags

git log --pretty=format:"%s" v3.2.7...v3.2.6
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