Simple & beautiful booking for tours.

Includes a customized version of Booked ($59 value)

Original plugin shown in video.
Embark bundles a customized version for tours.

It's easy to set up and, more importantly, easy for your customers to make bookings.

The powerful booking and scheduling engine will help you take and manage bookings with ease. Create multiple calendars, availability time slots, custom fields, and customer profiles in a snap.


Booking Calendar

Tour and travel bookings made easy. Create tour times, set prices, check availability, take secure payments, create discounts, coupons and allow your customers to check their own bookings through the profile page!

  • Customized for Tours and Travel
  • Secure online payments
  • Collect custom information with custom fields
  • Custom time slots
  • Unlimited tour calendars
  • Customizable emails sent to you and your customers.
  • A powerful backend booking management tool
  • Add using simple shortcodes or widgets
  • ... and so much more.

Booking List View

As an alternative to the booking calendar, you can also use the "list" style in the shortcode to display a list of available bookings.

It will show just a single day at a time, starting with the next available day with available bookings. You can also specify an exact date to display using the "day", "month" and "year" shortcode options.


Booking + WooCommerce

By using the Booked Payments with WooCommerce add-on (included), you can add payment capabilities to Booked.

When activated with Booked, you can create tour products and then use the custom fields tab to add WooCommerce products to your booking forms.

  • Easily and securely process payments
  • Supports PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, and over 100 payment gateway extensions
  • Set prices per person or group
  • Create discounts, sales and coupon codes
  • Works with most WooCommerce Extensions!

Profile Page

Booked includes basic profile page features. A login form is also included and will show up if the visitor is not logged in yet.

The profile page allows your returning customers to manage their own bookings. They can book new tours and / or cancel current ones (if you allow user cancellations). Just create a page and add the shortcode.

You can also display the booking form on the same page and hide it when they are logged out by using the "members-only" setting in the shortcode.

An all-In-One Solution for Booking, Payments and Scheduling.

Easily and securely process payments without needing to cobble together additional plug-ins. The booking engine supports PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, and over 100 payment gateway extensions. This theme also works with many WordPress compatible booking systems – integrations are a breeze.

  • Appointment calendar shortcode and widget.
  • Custom time slots for vacation/closed dates and more.
  • Custom Fields for collecting custom information for every booking.
  • A powerful backend interface to manage bookings.
  • Buffering to prevent bookings from getting booked too close to current date and/or time.
  • Payment Processing through WooCommerce
  • iCal Feeds
  • Customers can manage their own booking.
  • Customers can manage their account information.
  • “Add to Google Calendar” buttons for your customers.
  • Customizable emails sent to you and your customers.
  • Front-end and admin are both fully responsive.
  • Fully translatable
  • Booking Agent Support
  • Try the Booked admin demo

What else is included with Embark?


Use Booking with WooCommerce to allow your visitors to purchase their bookings and checkout using WooCommerce.

Front-End Agents

Your Booking Agents will have a new profile screen on the front-end that allows them to manage their incoming booking requests.

Calendar Feeds

Display your bookings on Apple Calendar, Outlook, etc. with an iCal feed directly from your site. (not a two-way sync)

Booked ($59) comes Free with Embark! Get Embark today.