Widget pack




FIXED - Slides to show swiper fix for the listing widget FIXED - Blog pagination fix v3


FIXED Accommodation Search Widget - Slider bug FIXED Blog Pagination ENHANCED Accommodation Search Widget - Added hide link title option.


FIXED Blog Pagination Bug


FIXED Payments accepted widget bug (missing image). FIXED Grid image size default. FIXED Missing title on Accommodation Search Results Widget FIXED Tab border colour on style 2. FIXED PHP 8 bug fix ENHANCED Defaults for contact details widget. ENHANCED RevSlider & MasterSlider after install actions. ENHANCED Search results (default link hidden) ENHANCED Accommodation listing - default currency symbol IMPROVED Visual library list design style


FIXED Blog read more string translation FIXED Global template translations ADDED Visual Library (Entrepreneur) ADDED Global Templates (Entrepreneur) ADDED Blog styles (Entrepreneur & Stratus) ADDED Accommodation Search Results (Bellevue) ADDED Price list widget (Stratus) ENHANCED Portfolio styling + sort order options


FIXED Elementor bug. Page won't load if a single global template is assigned to it FIXED Fatal Error is_plugin_active not defined. ENHANCED removing Depreciated code. ENHANCED Added features to Room Grid (Allow child terms) ENHANCED Added features to accommodation grid (Styling Options)


FIXED Adding missing WPML fields. FIXED Styling issues with Accommodation Listing Icons and testimonials


ENHANCED Header widget with new styling options for span, divider and button. REMOVED deprecated code for Elementor scheme color and typography. FIXED Undefined variable notice. FIXED Missing image size option for Room and Accommodation Grid.


ENHANCED Adding New WPML Config Settings FIXED Bug detecting active plugin.


ENHANCED Added new styling and options to header, tab, listing widgets. ENHANCED Added min height to visual library blocks. FIXED Missing masonry title FIXED SVG fill styling FIXED support for SVG paths


Fixed missing icons in Uplands Golf Theme


ENHANCED Global Templates to support editing Blog Posts and Products in Elementor.


FIXED php fatal error when WPML active.


FIXED php syntax error.


ADDED Listing widget (Bellevue Theme) ADDED Tab widget (Bellevue Theme) ADDED Styles to Pricing List widget (Bellevue Theme) ADDED Styles to Blog widget (Bellevue Theme) ADDED Custom Fields for Rooms and Accommodation Custom Post Types (Bellevue Theme) ENHANCED Styling options for Booking forms (Bellevue Theme) ENHANCED Styling options for Rooms & Accommodation Grids (Bellevue Theme) ENHANCED Styling options for Gallery and Testimonial widgets FIXED Styling options for SVGs FIXED Issue with HFE where transparent header can exceed page width on mobile


ENHANCED - Adding Header & Footer customization with Elementor.


IMPROVED - New Visual Library for Stratus Theme FIXED - Elementor 3.1 bug on repeater fields.


FIXED - Removed enqueue dependency which caused an issue blocking the Elementor Pro Popup functionality FIXED - Form styling for Booking Accommodation Request Form


IMPROVED - Better support for font awesome 5, custom icons, bundled icons and icon library UI IMPROVED - Better support for responsive design IMPROVED - New styling options for widgets (spacing, typography, borders, shadows, colours) IMPROVED - New dynamic field support for widgets IMPROVED - Added widget help links IMPROVED - Include Elementor Editor dependancy for enqueue script. FIXED - Blog widget styling border switcher FIXED - Deprecated jQuery Code FIXED - Minor bug fixes


ENHANCED - Hotel Booking Engine Request Form Widget Color style for success and error message. ENHANCED - Adding dynamic features to itinerary widget. ENHANCED - Adding Dynamic support to buttons. ENHANCED - Adding support for dynamic content inside Service Block and Tour Info. ENHANCED - Added WPML support for MPHB widgets. FIXED - Price link translation. FIXED - Adding support for price translation. FIXED - Adding support for button link auto translations. FIXED - Dynamic fix for Tour bar items. Was prompting for license.


IMPROVED Support older version of Elementor. Better way to check for live preview iframe. IMPROVED - Elementor / OptionTree Custom Field Sync. IMPROVED - Cleaned up JS console output. ENHANCED - Added error catching for older versions of Elementor. FIXED - Default header content style to white. FIXED - Updated scripts to use new Elementor Editor $e since 2.7 FIXED - Page / Document Settings preview reload. FIXED - Broken Hide Header option inside Elementor Preview FIXED - Move Editor Scripts to Editor file vs Frontend FIXED - Enable Automatic Post Excerpts.


Fixed page settings syntax for Elementor 2.7.2


Enhanced - Added Post types to Accommodation Post Type.


IMPROVED - Adding search attributes (Hotel Booking Search Widget. IMPROVED - Enhanced speed within find and replace functions (Hotel Booking Search Widget.)


Fixed errors with PHP4


Fixed Elementor disable default colour and fonts option bug 'Max value for this device is out of range'. Fixed Removed debug statements, clean up error logs. Improved Style support for the latest version of the Hotel Booking Plugin.


Fix Booking Search Widget (Hotel) Styling, Widget defaults. Version Bump.


Hotel Booking plugin WPML Fix.


Support for Hotel Booking plugin.


Latest version of the Page Builder Widget Pack.