Latest release
Required Plugins
  • Elementor 3.6.6
  • Page Builder Widget Pack 2.2.6
  • Kirki 3.1.9
  • Simple Page Ordering 2.7.0
  • OptionTree 2.7.3
Optional Plugins
    We have a Problem with JSON here:
    Either we got no JSON from the API. Or the basenode-parameter is not ok.
    Switch on the Debugmode of the Plugin!
  • Envato Market 2.0.9
  • Formidable Forms 6.8.4
  • Master Slider 3.7.7
  • Widget Logic 5.10.4
  • WooCommerce 8.7.0


FIXED - Issue with custom font styling in certain Elementor widgets: Accordion, Tabs, Toggle, Text Editor FIXED - Issue where H1 tag may still be present in source when page title hidden


IMPROVED - Styling and support for new Booked version 2.4.0


ENHANCED - Transparent header support for Visual Library ENHANCED - Remove Formidable redirect to welcome page on activation ENHANCED - Defaults for contact details widget ENHANCED - Rev Slider & Master Slider after install actions FIXED - Payments accepted widget bug (missing images)


ENHANCED Support for HFE Plugin (Elementor Header & Footer) FIXED - Fatal Error when Page Builder Widget Pack is not enabled.


ADDED - Support for upcoming Kirki 4.0 IMPROVED - Support for wp_body_open() REMOVED - Smooth Scroll


ADDED Support for SVG icons in icon widgets IMPROVED support for WP 5.8 IMPROVED Appearance of Theme Setup in WP 5.8 IMPROVED WooCommerce styling for Product, Checkout, My Account page FIXED Appearance of form field placeholder text in Firefox FIXED Appearance of Gallery widget in sidebar and footer FIXED Issue where same-page theme buttons show incorrect styling on focus state FIXED Issue where custom menu color wasn't taking effect FIXED Issue where custom color didn't appear in menu hover FIXED Issue with appearance of Elementor Pro nav menu widget FIXED Theme setup issues experienced by some AWS hosting users FIXED Various minor bug fixes


FIXED - Deprecated jQuery Code FIXED - FIXED Missing XML admin strings. IMPROVED - Better support for new Page Builder Widget Pack update v1.5.14


FIXED Cleared JS caching preventing WP 5.5. fixes to propagate.


FIXED JS errors in WP 5.5 (Removal of jQuery Migrate 1.x) FIXED Installer Ajax error caused by Groovy Menu activation redirect ENHANCED Added Theme Support for Site Logo ADDED support for Elementor Header Footer Plugin ADDED minor styling updates from theme framework compare


FIXED Added fix for collapsing tour grid widget on mobile ; added fix for extra space below tour grid items on single pages FIXED Conflict with icons in latest Elementor update that can make them appear blank FIXED Added various CSS fixes from compare with Stratus IMPROVED Support for retina images and logo. Added ability to enable/disable. IMPROVED support for Groovy Menu and Slider Revolution UPDATED Scrollup Library UPDATED Isotope Library UPDATED ImagesLoaded Library UPDATED Retina.js Library


Enhanced - Install Kirki direct from WP repo Enhanced - Remove Kirki consent admin notification Enhanced - Clean up code / comments Remove - Option Tree from codebase Add - Option Tree as plugin Enhanced - Version bump


FIX Mobile anchor link offset.


Check out Embark and the live page builder.